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Back chairs designed specifically for back pain sufferers

Chairs that constantly adjust to your body's movement, ensuring balance and poise
Sven Christiansen
Chairs that constantly adjust to your body's movement, ensuring balance and poise
Posture Max
Total body support with the Posture Max revolutionary heat reactive foam providing maximum levels of comfort..
Specifically designed for back pain sufferers, with 3 models to cater for all
The Adapt 600 Range
Chair dimensions can be customised with individual specific support requirements and adaptations added.
Lack of movement when sitting weakens your back? Then let's strengthen it with more movement when sitting!
The patented Axia mechanical movement supports & relaxes the back, neck and arms in every position.
ergoFit chairs
A brand new and unique concept in correct posture office seating.
The most innovative office chair in the world.
The Muvman was designed for use in all areas of work and it's ideal for sit/stand desks.
RH Logic 400
The RH Logic 400 has been based on two principles, upright posture and active sitting.
Sit anyway you like - upright, poised, reclining or stretched out - all without touching a single lever!

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Swopper  Prices from £392

The "swopper" also keeps your joints active and fit, activates the muscles of the calf pump for better transport of blood to the heart, stimulates the circulation, keeps you sitting upright, encourages deeper breathing and thus increases the supply of oxygen to the blood.


How does the Swopper work? Quite simply: the sprung seat with all round movement reacts to and follows each movement you make when sitting on it. This exercises, minimally but effectively, the numerous groups of muscles in your back, abdomen and legs. Active muscles cannot tense up; they are strengthened and remain fit. The same applies to the intervertebral discs that are constantly loaded and relieved by the numerous involuntary changes of position and so are kept well nurtured and resilient.

Six Advantages of the Swopper

1. Always sitting properly.
By keeping its balance on the sprung seat your body is always slightly in motion. The frequent change of pOSition automatically animates you to adopt different postures. You sit up straight more often. The joint in the spring strut permits the "swopper" to tilt towards your working surface - you no longer need to hunch your back and your spine retains its natural S shape.

2. Good for the intervertebral discs.
Since the "swopper" constantly encourages you to sit up straight and change your posture, the intervertebral discs are loaded in parallel at alternating pressure points and are not squashed for hours on one side, as is the case when you hunch your back. This load balance is important for nourishing the intervertebral discs and keeping them resilient, strong and healthy.

3. Training for the muscles.
Since your entire body is slightly in motion all the time on the "swopper", practically all muscle groups remain active and well supplied with blood. The muscles are strengthened and can keep your back upright better. Since the muscles are active, they cannot tense up. And that prevents backache.

4. Active prevention of vein problems.
The "swopper" is effective against vein problems in two aspects: thanks to the arched seat of the "swopper", there are no pressure pOints on the underside of your thighs and congestion is prevented. Furthermore, the sitting-in-motion on the "swopper" stimulates active transport of the blood to the heart via the muscles of the so-called calf pump.

5. Keeping ligaments and joints fit.
Ligaments and joints need movement to keep them fit. Moving your joints stimulates the formation of synovia. This helps to lubricate the jOints. Static pressure on the joints squeezes out the synovia and the cartilages rub against each other. Nature has built us to use our joints slightly all the time. This tightens the ligaments and tendons and prevents joint diseases.

6. Stimulation of blood circulation and mood.
Swopping makes your straighten the upper part of your body and frees the diaphragm; you breathe deeper, the supply of oxygen to the blood is improved, the circulation is stimulated - this in turn stops you getting tired so quickly, you can concentrate better and you feel generally fitter. Apart from that, bouncing up and down is good for the mind and soul. All this puts you in a good mood.

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