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Back support chairs designed specifically for back pain sufferers

Please see our range of PostureMax back support chairs below.

Chairs that constantly adjust to your body's movement, ensuring balance and poise
Sven Christiansen
Chairs that constantly adjust to your body's movement, ensuring balance and poise
Posture Max
Total body support with the Posture Max revolutionary heat reactive foam providing maximum levels of comfort..
Specifically designed for back pain sufferers, with 3 models to cater for all
The Adapt 600 Range
Chair dimensions can be customised with individual specific support requirements and adaptations added.
Lack of movement when sitting weakens your back? Then let's strengthen it with more movement when sitting!
The patented Axia mechanical movement supports & relaxes the back, neck and arms in every position.
ergoFit chairs
A brand new and unique concept in correct posture office seating.
The most innovative office chair in the world.
The Muvman was designed for use in all areas of work and it's ideal for sit/stand desks.
RH Logic 400
The RH Logic 400 has been based on two principles, upright posture and active sitting.
Sit anyway you like - upright, poised, reclining or stretched out - all without touching a single lever!

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Posture Max

Posture max ® is a brand new concept in seating that is designed to ensure total body support. Utilising a unique combination of features, including heat reactive foam that moulds to the shape of the user and inflatable air cells to support the lumbar region, Posture max ® provides maximum levels of comfort and helps to avoid posture and back problems so often caused by poorly designed seating

Posture max ® is ideally suited to 24 hour and multi user applications.

Read more about the unique design of Posture max below.


P73 High Back Operators Chair - Shown with optional arms
From £785



P83 High Back Operators Chair with Head Rest - Shown with optional arms
From £881




Posture max ® operator chair seats and backs utilise a remarkable new foam product from VITAFOAM, the UK's market leader in cellular polymer technology. Called REFLEXION, its lower layer ensures comfort, stability and durability whilst its unique upper layer responds to natural body heat, moulding itself around the user to provide total support. Pressure points on specific parts of the body are thus avoided because body weight is spread evenly across the whole contact area. This in turn helps to avoid problems that can lead to poor blood circulation and the development of pressure sores .

The relationship between the two layers of REFLEXION is critical to its optimum performance and this has been calculated by VITAFOAM technicians specifically for use within posture max ® seats and backs.

The two pressure maps below clearly show how the Posture max ® seat foam substantially reduces pressure resulting in improved posture and higher levels of comfort. The colour scale represents the pressure exerted on a seated body; yellow, amber and red indicating potential problems for the user.


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