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Back chairs designed specifically for back pain sufferers

Please see our range of back care chairs and orthopaedic chairs below. Please contact us for expert advice or if you would like to test any of our chairs.

We also stock a range of additional backcare products such as pressure cushions, lumbar rolls, pillows etc. Contact us for details.

To ensure the correct sitting or standing height for each individual
Monitor Stands
To ensure the correct monitor height for each individual
Arm Rests & Supports
Where additional arm support is required to help reduce RSI symptoms.
Copy Holders
To help reduce twisting of the neck and back.
Foot Rests
To help achieve the correct seated height
Many options to help improve arm, wrist and shoulder comfort.
Many options to allow a more natural forearm position
Additional Backcare Accessories
We supply a broad range of accessories to help alleviate back pain

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M72 Evoluent Version 3 Right Hand

A patented new shape that supports your hand in a relaxed handshake position. It has five programmable buttons and a fast 1000dpi optical sensor that reduces the hand movements needed to move the pointer. Special features include vertical scroll, auto click and click lock.

M74 Evoluent Version Right Hand Cordless

Fixed height. 2-sided use. Lightweight and easily moved.

New Evoluent Version 4

M73 Evoluent Version 4 Left Handed
M77 Evoluent Version 4 Right Handed 99.95
M78 Evoluent Small Version 4 Right Handed 99.95

Extended lip prevents rubbing the your little finger on the desk. Adjustable laser sensor. Pointer speed indicators. Lighted Evoluent logo. Improved thumb rest. Now two thumb buttons.

M98 Humer Mouse

Supports the hand and wrist to provide more stability and makes the mouse very comfortable to use. It's both PS2 and USB compatible.

M99 Grip Vertical Mouse

The vertical position of your hand makes using this mouse very comfortable for people who work intensively on a computer. It's a great help, for example, for users with arm, wrist and shoulder problems. Windows and Mac compatible. USB connection only.

M24 3M Renaissance Mouse Small & Large

This ergonomically designed input device that helps reduce stress to the nerve in the carpal tunnel and to the muscles in the user's arm. It has also been shown in clinical trials to reduce discomfort for computer users.

Contour RollerMouse Pro 2

Longer by 67% than the Classic, the Rollermouse PRO also has two more function buttons to extend its versatility. It features adjustable click force on the roller bar, with five levels of tension. PC and Mac compatible.

Contour RollerMouse Free

RollerMouse Free lets you work with your hands and arms in the optimal zone in front of the keyboard. The risk of discomfort and RSI is minimized.

Centralized pointing and clicking creates a varied work mode allowing use of both hands, reducing tension and stress while using your computer.

There is no device to grip. You can use a flat, extended hand to navigate, allowing you to reduce the stress through your Carpal Tunnel.

Comes with smart default key settings and can be adapted to your individual needs. The mousing action is done easily with just two or three fingers on the rollerbar, with light, small movements.

It lies completely still, which allows you to relax your shoulders and arms and only use your hands and fingers when using the mouse and the keyboard.

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