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Back support chairs designed specifically for back pain sufferers

Please see our range of Adapt 600 chairs below.

Chairs that constantly adjust to your body's movement, ensuring balance and poise
Sven Christiansen
Chairs that constantly adjust to your body's movement, ensuring balance and poise
Posture Max
Total body support with the Posture Max revolutionary heat reactive foam providing maximum levels of comfort..
Specifically designed for back pain sufferers, with 3 models to cater for all
The Adapt 600 Range
Chair dimensions can be customised with individual specific support requirements and adaptations added.
Lack of movement when sitting weakens your back? Then let's strengthen it with more movement when sitting!
The patented Axia mechanical movement supports & relaxes the back, neck and arms in every position.
ergoFit chairs
A brand new and unique concept in correct posture office seating.
The most innovative office chair in the world.
The Muvman was designed for use in all areas of work and it's ideal for sit/stand desks.
RH Logic 400
The RH Logic 400 has been based on two principles, upright posture and active sitting.
Sit anyway you like - upright, poised, reclining or stretched out - all without touching a single lever!

HAG Official Partner

The Adapt 600 Range  Prices from £560

Features a Fully Adjustable Synchronous Rocking Knee Tilt mechanism

Separate controls allow the user to individually set the seat angle and backrest angle

Standard features on all models include seat depth adjustment control, inflatable lumbar support & visco-elastic memory foam seat pad.

Adapt 600 Range   Features:
3 Seat Sizes
4 Backrest Sizes
3 Gas Column Options
9 Arm Options
4 Castor Options
4 Headrest Options
2 Base Options
Orthopaedic Enhancements
Movement Lock   Movement Lock
The movement lock was developed
in direct response to customer requests
for a way of stabilising standard office
swivel chairs to make them
more accessible to less able bodied users

Chair dimensions can be customised and individual specific support requirements and adaptations added, including split seats and movement locks for wheelchair users as seen above.

Adapt 600 range is certified to S level and is suitable for 24 hour use

There is a wide range of fabrics and colours with all parts coverd by a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

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